Do you take insurance?

Dental insurance today can be a tough area to navigate. We accept most regular indemnity insurance (generally provided by your current or past employer) as long as you can choose who you want to see. We do not participate with any PPO or HMO plans. In general, you cannot purchase regular indemnity dental insurance on your own to cover the cost of future dental treatment. Purchasing dental insurance on your own usually will involve some type of discounted dental plan which in most cases does not allow you to choose your dentist or any specialists that you would like to see.

Can I just have my teeth cleaned?

Teeth cleaning (dental prophylaxis) is a dental procedure that should be completed only after a complete examination of your oral condition including a review of any necessary x-rays . Having your teeth cleaned without an exam could allow gum disease, dental decay, and other oral conditions to go undetected and untreated. At our practice, we will always do a separate comprehensive examination appointment as described in the services section of the website prior to any dental hygiene appointment.

Is there a fee if I miss my appointment?

We schedule your appointments exclusively for you and never double book appointments in anticipation of someone not keeping their appointment. As such, there is a fee for any missed appointment without at least 24 hours prior notice. We fully understand that circumstances arise that occasionally make it impossible to keep an appointment - for these situations the missed appointment fee may be waived provided that the patient provides us the common courtesy of a phone call.

It’s been a long time since I had any dental care. What’s the best start?

If there are no areas that are giving you significant discomfort and there are no immediate esthetic concerns, the best starting point would be to schedule a Comprehensive Exam as described in the services section of the website. After the exam, any treatment needs can be prioritized, options reviewed, and a detailed plan can be drafted reflecting your specific desires and goals that also works from a time and financial standpoint. Oftentimes this involves phasing the treatment over a period of time addressing the most pressing needs first.

Aren’t all dentists pretty much the same since they all went to dental school?

Despite what many insurance companies would like you to believe, dentistry is not a commodity like a loaf of bread or a set of tires; it is a professional relationship built on trust where the patient is highly dependent on the recommendations (most important) and treatment by the dentist. Dental treatment for the most part is irreversible and the least costly treatment for you is the most appropriate treatment completed very well the first time.

I had a coupon for a free exam and x-rays but i’m not comfortable with the recommended treatment - what would you recommend?

If you are not 100% comfortable or do not understand the treatment that was recommended for you, It is always best to schedule a second comprehensive exam. This would involve obtaining the X-rays that were taken - have the office email them to you directly and scheduling the comprehensive exam. The cost of the exam and review of the X-rays is well worth the peace of mind that the recommended treatment aligns with what is appropriate for you . Coupons and “special deals” are great for a pizza or maybe a carwash, but never when it comes to your health.

My previous dentist “did everything” - implants, root canals, sedation, Invisalign, wisdom tooth extractions - does your office do everything?

There is a prevailing misconception in dentistry that does not exist in medicine. One would never see a medical family practitioner that “does everything” - plastic surgery, colonoscopies, cataract surgery, etc. in dentistry, many patients are under the impression that a dentist who claims that they do everything somehow serves them better or that they will be saving if they see one person which usually is not the case. In fact, Dentistry is very similar to medicine - as a patient you should be seeing the most qualified professional to complete any phase of your treatment - sometimes this is with a general dentist and other times you are better seeing a specialist that exclusively treats one specific aspect of dentistry. This multidisciplinary approach to your health optimizes successful outcomes. we work with a select group of specialists who share our philosophy - we coordinate these referrals seamlessly into any planned treatment..

Nothing hurts, so everything should be ok, right?

The Absence of pain is not a reliable indicator of the state of your dental health. Gum disease which essentially is the eroding away of the supporting bone around teeth usually has no symptoms - left untreated, this condition will eventually lead to tooth loss. Active dental decay is also initially painless; it’s progression is variable, but it will with certainty affect more of the tooth over time - what was once a simple restoration can quickly become a root canal as well as a crown.

How often should I be having my teeth cleaned?

The interval between dental hygiene appointments should be specific for the patient. Traditionally, every 6 months has been the most commonly used time frame; however, many patients with good oral hygiene and minimal to no prior treatment can comfortably come every 9 months and in some cases once annually. There are other patients who have had fairly extensive prior treatment - they are far better to have a shorter dental hygiene interval (3-4 months) to minimize the need for additional treatment going forward.

I’m tired of taking care of my teeth and thinking of getting dental implants so I don’t have to worry about anything anymore - do implants really last forever?

Dental implants have been a wonderful treatment option for thousands of people- they can provide support for a single tooth, multiple teeth and even a complete set of teeth. In the not-too-distant past, the only options for replacing teeth were fixed bridges using the remaining teeth or removable partial and complete dentures. Dental implants have fortunately provided us many more options for our patients; However, dental implants and the restorations that are supported by them are far from being problem free and When you think about it - is there anything in this world that truly lasts forever - particularly something that is used 24 hours a day/7 days a week? Although dental decay is not something that will affect dental implants, if the implants are not maintained properly, they will lose bone and may eventually loosen. Screw loosening of the restoration and porcelain fracture are other potential future complications - the management of these complications can be challenging. Before deciding on implants it’s best to explore all treatment options with a discussion in terms of time, money, comfort, and long-term stability and then proceed with the option that works best for you.

I’d like to improve my smile - what are the options?

The first thing that Many patients looking to improve their smile think of are veneers because they read about them in the magazines and see the pictures online - that this option while expensive will give them the smile that they’ve always wanted - veneers oftentimes are in fact the least desirable option for many patients; particularly for a young patient. There are a lot of options today to improve someone’s smile - tooth whitening, veneers, orthodontics, bonding, crowns and combinations of each of them. The best choice is always the most conservative one that can achieve the desired result that also minimizes the need for future treatment. The starting point would be looking at close-up images of your smile using dental photography and analyzing the bite relationship using models and three dimensional digital scans to determine which option would be the right one for you.

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