Patient Testimonials and Reviews for Rhee Dentistry, Palm Coast

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Found Dr Rhee when I first moved to Florida 15 years ago recommended by a former employee just by accident but that’s how things work out and the best choice myself and my wife made, best dentist and staff in Palm Coast. At 77 I have been to a lot of dentist and this is one of the best I have used Thanks Dr Rhee and staff
— Jimmy Myers, Palm Coast
This is hands down the best dental practice in Palm Coast from the staff to Dr. Rhee himself. Dr. Rhee and his team will go the extra mile in seeing that everything is done correctly and professionally.
— Cameron Kettman, Palm Coast
This is the best dentist I have been to. The staff is amazing and very informative. It was a very pleasant experience - I would highly recommend Rhee Dentistry!
— Amie Eastmoore, Palm Coast
Dr. Rhee and his staff are excellent. I wouldn’t take my family to anyone else
— Gina Jenkins, St. Augustine
One word to describe “Excellent”
— Joanna Wong, Palm Coast
This is a wonderful practice and Dr. Rhee is a terrific dentist. As a retired dentist after 40 years, I consider myself fortunate to have found Dr. Rhee to continue dental care for my wife and I”
— Dr. Jay Wagner, Palm Coast
I have always been a little ashamed about my smile, but thanks to Dr. Rhee, I now have a smile I can be proud of. I couldn’t be happier! Not only was I impressed with his artful skill, but both he and his staff were kind, funny, and left me feeling like I was part of their family.
— Mike Higgins, Palm Coast
The Pirnats Love Dr. Rhee and ALL his staff. Never before have we enjoyed “going to the dentist,” as much as to Dr. Rhee!”
— Whitney Barnes-Pirnat, Palm Coast
I have been a dental client of Dr. Rhee since 1993. I have always had excellent care by Dr. Rhee and all the staff with referrals to only the best specialists. It is always a pleasure to visit Dr. Rhee’s office and receive care from such highly skilled professionals
— Jeanne Gillson Steele, Palm Coast
Dr. Rhee and the crew are exactly what a dental practice should be: considerate, gentle, humorous, and honest. Their office is very clean and has very nice equipment. Dr. Rhee has extreme attention to detail and explains everything he is doing and seeing to you in a way you can understand. He literally shows you, in fact! I can also attest to his honesty because I came to Dr. Rhee for a second opinion after being told I have 10 cavities (I have had two in my 36 years of life). Dr. Rhee didn’t know this, and found tow cavities, reviewed every tooth with me, told me used on the health of my mouth I could have less cleanings. Why would a dentist basically tell someone to spend less money at their practice? Easy, because he is honest, has integrity, and is taking care of his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Rhee and his team — the best.
— Brandon Mullens, Palm Coast
Best dentist I’ve ever been to. Never had a dentist pay so much attention to detail. Great staff as well
— Joel Jenkins, St. Augustine
Dr. Rhee and his staff are the greatest
— Jodi A. Mitchell, Palm Coast
Exemplary service, not only by Dr. Rhee, but his excellent staff, in a state of the art facility. Highly recommend.
— Vincent Blaise Vitrano, Palm Coast
Friendly, personable, and professional. Always a pleasure
— Kayla Eve, Palm Coast
Excellent dental office staff and doctor
— Ann Hausen, Palm Coast
As always Dr. Rhee and his staff took excellent care of Chris and I
— Michelle Smith, Salt Springs
Thank you all for another pleasant and professional checkup and cleaning at Dr. Rhee’s. Had a new hygienist Kelly and she is great! Jeana was pleasant and helpful as always. Dr. Rhee is professional and caring. Even saw Melissa for a second or two. Thanks again for your great facility and staff.
— Mike Stowell, Palm Coast
Outstanding group of people; the best in the business!
— Chris Smith, Salt Springs
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Rhee’s for over 18 years with no regrets. The doctor and staff are great.
— Gerald Kubica, Palm Coast
Thank you Dr. Rhee!! I feel like I can smile again : ) . Your staff is wonderful as well. Everyone is nice and caring. Thanks again!!
— Angie Perry, Palm Coast
While on vacation in Palm Coast, I had a bad tooth that was causing severe pain. Dr. Rhee and his staff had me in the office the next day with the extraction taking minutes. Great work and a very friendly staff
— Rich Seeley, Ithaca, NY
Dr. Rhee and his staff are the best! When I meet people just moving to Palm Coast, I always recommend you. Thanks for everything; I love you guys!”
— Angela Jones, Palm Coast
Dr. Rhee’s office is wonderful. We love all the staff and can’t wait until our 6 months is up to go back
— Amy Kerber, Palm Coast
If anyone is looking for a dentist in Palm Coast, you won’t find anyone better than Dr. Rhee and his staff; also the best and gentlest hygienist I have ever been to. I have been going there for 8 years now since coming to Florida and have never had a problem
— Jimmy Myers, Palm Coast
Great clean office with nice staff!
— Kelsey Simmons, Palm Coast
Looking for a dentist in the Palm Coast are, I would only recommend Dr. Rhee! He is the best and has a wonderful staff.
— Shayla Gerling, Palm Coast
Thank you Dr. Rhee and staff. For the first time in my life my bite is perfect and looks great. You’re the best - I highly recommend your services
— Tom Hickey, Palm Coast
Dr. Rhee is the best
— Melissa Greiner, Palm Coast
June and I are very pleased with the excellent professional and friendly treatment that we receive at Rhee Dentistry. We hope we will continue to be your patients for a long time
— Dean Neiman, Palm Coast
This is a beautiful modern office with a calming atmosphere. Dr. Rhee is professional and has a great sense of humor. I would recommend Dr. Rhee and his staff to anyone who is looking for a dentist.
— Patricia Petras, Palm Coast
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Rhee for many , many years. I gladly recommend him and his staff to people looking for dental care. Their staff is friendly and knowledgable; office is warm and inviting and Dr. Rhee is EXCELLENT!
— Nancy Vrtikapa Allesee, Palm Coast

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